Service and Repairs

bike servicing and repairs


Correct bicycle maintenance is essential for your safety and performance whilst riding. Talk to your local Standish store for expert advice and servicing for your bike.


Did you find yourself a bargain “on line” but don’t know how to fit it/them to your bike.

Bring them in when you get the bike serviced.


We service all kinds and all brands of bikes, whether you got them from us or not.

Standard Service

RRP $69 (+ parts)

Your bike is already in pretty good shape but needs a touch-up before a race or event. Service includes…

  • Check and tighten all bolts including crank
  • Adjust brake pads
  • Tighten brake cables
  • Adjust gears
  • Drive-train wear checked
  • Lubricate chain and cables
  • Check spokes and true minor buckles (wheel stays on bike)
  • Headset checked
  • Frame wiped down
  • Tyres inflated

Major Service

RRP $149 (+ parts)

Recommended every 6 months, your bike will be clean, adjusted and professionally and ready to go! Service includes…

  • Standard Service, plus;
  • Chain/cassette removed and cleaned
  • Wheels removed and trued
  • Brake surface cleaned
  • Drive train degreased
  • Bike cleaned/washed
  • Brake pads de-glazed
  • Bottom bracket removed, cleaned and re-fitted
  • Headset removed, cleaned and re-fitted


Ultimate Service

Road Bikes: RRP $299 (+ parts)
Mountain Bikes: $349 (+ parts)

Recommended every 18 months, your bike will be stripped bare, with every part cleaned, greased and reinstalled. Please book ahead as this service will take 3-4 hours. Service includes…

  • Major Service, plus;
  • Bike stripped to bare frame
  • All parts degreased, cleaned and lubricated
  • Hubs re-greased
  • Headset re-greased
  • New cables
  • Bottom Bracket overhauled
  • Road Bikes: Discount bar tape & free fitting
  • Mountain Bikes: Brakes bled if necessary
  • Mountain Bikes: Rotors cleaned and straightened


Other Services

 Wheel Truing From $30
 Gear Adjust From $30
 Brake Adjust From $30
Fit Tyre or Tube From $15
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