Em's Power Cookies

Em’s Power Cookies are all-natural, yummy New Zealand-made energy bars. Nutritionist “Em” (Emily Miazga) created them for her own adventure sports including winning the iconic New Zealand Coast to Coast World Multisport Championship three times. Em’s are the food of choice for other top athletes too, like Cameron Brown (12x IRONMAN New Zealand Champion) and Kim Hurst (WEMBO 2014 Champion and Karapoti MTB record holder).
They really are the Best Real-Food Energy Bar!
Em believes that food needs to taste good as well as be natural, healthy and provide sustained energy. Every Em’s Product reflects this philosophy. We use only natural, real-food ingredients, the same as what you would find in your own kitchen. No soy protein or whey protein additives, no superflous vitamin or mineral additives, and no preservatives or colourings. We source all ingredients we possibly can from right here in New Zealand and always choose GMO-free.

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